Evelien Pullens







Beside my education as drama teacher (1987 HKU) and aura reader (2003 CLI)  do I have a huge experience as director, teacher, coach, puppeteer, facilitator, actress, dancer and author. For 15 years did I participate in theatre group ‘Maatje 90’. We did develop visual theatre and drama education in schools, theatres and festivals.

I did win an award in 1995 as author of the youth book ‘Een kamer van krijt’.  Since then did I publish 10 books for children. the last one are the fiction stories about children in war situation written for War Child; ' Waar ik woon, is het oorlog'.

Cultural exchange gives me inspiration. Since 2003 do I work regularly in India in theatre and development. As ambassador of Theatre Embassy ( did I initiate the 'Power of Puppetry' project in India and the Comparsa project in Honduras.
 After my graduation as aurahealer- and reader did I follow the specializations about women, birth and death. At the moment I am teacher on the CLI in awareness and intuition and I give readings and healings.

International projects