Evelien Pullens


  Since 2003 do I work regularly international as teacher, theatre director or facilitator with drama and puppetry. I visit yearly Badungduppa and the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam in India, where authentic music theatre is taught, to advice and coach.

About Evelien Pullens

 Soul Tree, Assam, India2011

Research Project about the relation between Theatre and Nature

From 17-28 augustus 2011 do I work with director Sukra Rabha and actors of theatregroup Badungduppa Assam,India

For the first time are they exploring their own dense green jungle as theatrespace. They climbe the trees, sing and improvise. Down into earth holes with mud body's, becoming united with rocks. We create puppets from leaves, sticks and seads. This workshop is about exploring natural materials and spaces. But also about inner communication with nature and the inspiration nature can give. 

STONESOUP National School of Drama Bangalore, India

In July and August 2011 did I directed a childrens-play with 20 student in Theatre and Education of the National School of Drama, Bangalore Chapter
Septembre 2011 the actors tour around schools in Karnataka

The audience is witness of the rehearsals of the play Stonesoup. Three travellers make soup with a magic stone. the rehearsal get disturbed by the daughter of the director and an other theatregroup with puppetry, juggling, magic and Faceless Wonder, a woman without a head. Comedy and filosophy. How far are the stars? Who am I? What is responsability?
We performed for slumchildren  and eminent persons. Both enjoyed.



Together with Monique Riphagen and Roderik Sommerdijk and young artists of Arte Accion do we design and build puppets, masks and objects for a parade (Comparsa) in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras. The streets of this big city are unsafe because of political problems and terrorism. Theatre Embassy did send us to Latin America to bring happiness and hope to young people through theatre and art. ( www.theatre-embassy.org)


2008/2009 Theatre Embassy

I did work with young actors of different tribes and states in North East India to train them in puppetry, acting and arts to raise their voice. Our host in Assam is the theatre group Badungduppa (www.badungduppa.org) in the small village Rampur. The villagers live in fear and insecurity due to the political situation in this region. The desire for peace and development was the theme of the final performance of this project, the performance ‘Bijuli’.

“ ‘ Bijuli’ is a wonderful work of theatre. Very imaginative, powerful and evocative. It was so moving to see those young actors from the North-East. They performed with such passion, commitment and power. You deserve our gratitude for having enabled them to do so. And I learned and relearned things about the theatre, as I was seeing the performance. ‘ Bijuli’ reaffirmed my faith in the power of theatre and renewed it.

Keep coming back, Evelien. You are an adopted daughter of India, and a world citizen, as much as a daughter of Holland.

With warm regards, Raghunandana

2006 RANGAKISHORA, MYSORE, Karnataka    Recensie
Direction Youth Performance ' Kathegala Kanaji',  'Grandmothers story store room.' 
With a group young and enthusiastic actors of Rangayana did I make a make a puppetperformance about a queen that was addicted to TV . At one day, as she discovers about grandmothers that tell stories to the children, she decide to steal this stories and fairytales…..

2005 Kattaikkuttu Sangam, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu
Together with director P. Rajagopal and visual artist Christa ten Brinke did I direct the Kattaikkuttu performance the Milky Ocean with students of the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam. We did explore the combination of traditional and modern theatre.